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For over a 125 years we have shared retail fellowship, friendship & inspiration

‘ We are a diverse collection of individuals who share a love of retail and have the privilege of leadership. 
We enjoy meeting in a relaxed environment and listening to our inspiring guest speakers ’

Adam Fenwick – President 2019-2021

Five British Prime Ministers. Sporting greats. Captains of industry. Leading actors and singers. Top fashion designers. Generals, admirals and air marshals. Celebrated journalists and critics. Politicians of note and notoriety. Academics and clergy. Internationally renowned retailers.
All these and many more have addressed  The Twenty Club over the past 125 plus years.

What started as a discussion forum, primarily for owners of independent department stores in London, grew to include the wider retail industry across 12 decades, two world wars, six monarchs and 30 governments.

Still relatively low profile, this members-only dining club for retailing leaders belies the huge influence its membership have wielded since the first recorded dinner held in November 1897.


Membership is made up of predominantly current or former senior executives from leading retail groups, prominent brands and specialist service providers, who are united by a passion for the retail business, and a keen curiosity about the wider world in which we live. 


Currently there are 80 active members of the club, and over a third have been members for over 10 years, representing a diverse collection of retailers from John Lewis, M&S, Matches, Jigsaw, The White Company, Ted Baker and many more.

Annual membership allows the member to attend 5 dinner or drinks events in the year where the membership gather, with the potential to invite a guest into the mix

A highly anticipated black tie Christmas event, is always heavily attended and guests are treated to extraordinary guest speakers.

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The Twenty Club is governed by the committee who are all elected from the membership and lead by a nominated President, who's role is the smooth running of the club including its, Membership, Speakers, Finance and Events
All roles are voluntary and reflect a diverse mix of skills and background, bound by retail experience.


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