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Privacy Policy

We value our members here at The Twenty Club, and so we ask for your information so we can keep you informed about our events, membership updates, and to reach out to you about Twenty Club news we think you would be interested in.

In order to keep an accurate record of our membership we ask you to create your Member Profile page when you become a Twenty Club Member, which includes your email address and contact telephone numbers.

Your details will be stored on our secure hosting service, provided by Wix, and they will only be used by The Twenty Club Committee to contact you regarding future events and invites, payment of membership, or other communication relating to your membership with us.
Your details will not be provided to any third parties or used for anything other than Twenty Club related communications.

If you wish to remove your details from our database, you can update your account to remove these in the Membership area or can contact us and we will remove your details from our system.

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